Thursday, March 22, 2007

And For Tonight - New Challenge!

Here is a hint! I'm going to make this one a suprise! But lets see if you can guess? No worries you don't need to bring anything with you to work on it!

Swap Cards Coming In

The current swap cards are rolling in! I have 3 sets so far only 7 more to go! You ladies are so on top of things! Here is a preveiw! Trying not to give it all away! And Paula is the winner of the PRIZE this month for getting hers done first! WOO she is speedy quick!

OOOOH we're behind!

So far behind a week since anyone posted! OK here's what's happening! Stamp Camp was this past weekend +++. I'll post those details on my own blog. April Camp is on Friday the 13th! Woooo Scarey Mothers Day projects! HA

So back to the message at hand! Her is my U-G-L-Y card I made for last weeks challenge! All Ana could say was "It's getting better......." as I kept adding stuff to it! But it has buttons darn it! I think maybe ribbon will make it look better? NO? And I got to use my new sizzlet! It's the little things!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

***Challenge*** Tonight

I'm issuing a challenge for tonight! Use Buttons on a project! It doesn't have to be a large project nor will it be timed but in honor of the fact that I found my lost(staring at them for a week right in front of me) buttons! I'm challenging everyone to use some buttons tonight. No worries if you don't have any as you can see I have enough to go around and then some! Once we're done with our projects we can post them here! Have fun! See you tonight! Marnie

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Feb Mini Swap Cards

I did a mini swap with Susan and Jennifer P. it was the first time for both. So it was a get your feet wet kind of swap! We did Birthday Cards! Here are the results! --Marnie

Saturday, March 10, 2007

From Schockers last night

OK, here's a couple of layouts I finished up at Schnockers last night.

30 Minute Challenges

Here are the two layouts I did in 30 minutes a week or so ago. The one on the right says "So the Drama" unfortunately I forgot to turn off the flash so imagine Abbigayle behind the flash looking at Olivia as if to say "What is your problem?"

Last night at Ana's......

I had a great time last night Ana....your house is beautiful, the food was terrific (I mean...homemade crabcakes and shrimp cocktail and then all the goodies everyone brought!)...and it was fun to see everyone and enjoy all the talk and laughter together. I think it's something we all need....Thank You! (And I actually got some work done, too!)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

March/April Swap Started Up

So yesterday I sent out the call for the March/April swap it's Thank You/Sympathy we had 5 spots in each open. Only one Sympathy spot left! Be sure to email me to sign up!

February Swap Large Group

Our February Swap cards 10 in all. This was the large group that swapped. There was a smaller group of 3 that swapped. I will post those as well in a bit!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

My 30 minute layouts...

I loved the idea of being able to see all of our 30 minute layouts in one place. Here are can see where I added some rubons on Jim's birthday layout.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Welcome Back Everyone


Now that I've invited 3 other authors for this blog maybe between the 4 of us we can keep it going!

Tonight we will talk about Slap and Tickle! Which I'm sure is something dirty in the real world but in our little corner of the world it is the timed layout challenge with our Reigning Chairwoman/Announcer Ana! So for our first challenge of the night we had to use an unloved snapshot(unloved meaning it didn't make a layout cut. that one lone photo that ends up not working for whatever reason, too much like another, not enough room, wrong size etc.) you know you have these unloved photos and usually just one left over. So for the first challenge we are using one of these, paint(because I keep meaning to use paint and never do) and some chipboard. Once your at the table you choose your cardstock from the bin and your paint of choice then the timer will start for 30min! There is a tray in the middle of the table with emmbellishments piled high including chipboard. Ana, gave us countdown time as we went along! It was great fun! We each finished a layout in 30 min and then we moved on to Challenge 2 which was to use Patterned Paper from scraps! Same supplies in the middle of the table and same time. We chose our cardstock and our pp before the timer and went to town! Another layotu done in 30min! It was all fun and we had a lot of laughs as well!

These are my 30min layouts from last night!