Friday, March 02, 2007

Welcome Back Everyone


Now that I've invited 3 other authors for this blog maybe between the 4 of us we can keep it going!

Tonight we will talk about Slap and Tickle! Which I'm sure is something dirty in the real world but in our little corner of the world it is the timed layout challenge with our Reigning Chairwoman/Announcer Ana! So for our first challenge of the night we had to use an unloved snapshot(unloved meaning it didn't make a layout cut. that one lone photo that ends up not working for whatever reason, too much like another, not enough room, wrong size etc.) you know you have these unloved photos and usually just one left over. So for the first challenge we are using one of these, paint(because I keep meaning to use paint and never do) and some chipboard. Once your at the table you choose your cardstock from the bin and your paint of choice then the timer will start for 30min! There is a tray in the middle of the table with emmbellishments piled high including chipboard. Ana, gave us countdown time as we went along! It was great fun! We each finished a layout in 30 min and then we moved on to Challenge 2 which was to use Patterned Paper from scraps! Same supplies in the middle of the table and same time. We chose our cardstock and our pp before the timer and went to town! Another layotu done in 30min! It was all fun and we had a lot of laughs as well!

These are my 30min layouts from last night!


Dianne said...

The "Slap and Tickle" 30 minute challenge was SO much fun...and we all wound up with wonderful layouts. It's amazing what can be creatively done in such a small amount of time...and with a lot of the time used up by laughing!
One of the rules was that we couldn't change the layouts once we got home....I have to confess that I "Cheated". When I looked at my layout done for Jim's looked more like a eulogy photo than a birthday layout...I HAD to add some birthday rubons to cheer it up! So..I deserve a timeout for cheating..but it was definitely necessary!

jen said...

Marnie I love that beach page! I didn't notice at first the flowers were made out of little photo corners. Very savvy!