Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dipping Toes

Here I am, dipping my toe into the blogosphere. A year ago I would have said, "Not Possible!" After all, why would I need to blog? But then again, two years ago it would have been laughable to suggest that I would spend my days knitting, going to places like Joann's, swapping most of my busness magazine subscriptions for craft, design and decorating publications. I was a Serious Business Woman with Serious Goals -- to provide Serious Strategic Solutions to my clients. But after several life altering events and a Serious Look In The Mirror, I realized none of that was fun or lucrative anymore.

To pass the time while I thought about the "what nexts" . . . and deal with my mother's stroke recovery as well as husband and father both fighting bladder cancer . . . I began to knit again. And if the adage of doing what you love means anything, since I LOVE purses, they seemed like the logical thing to knit.

Besides regaining some of my sanity (much more work to do on that front still), the entrepreneuer in me woke up. So I dipped my toe into trying to make this a business.

One year later, so far so good. (But, not without help and support -- Marnie and Dianne if I haven't said thanks recently, I'm saying it now.)

And then one night this summer I asked if Marnie would mind if I came over during the Wed night scrap or crop or whatever it is called. It would be a toe dip -- and I'd probably not become a regular. I knit but it doesn't matter. There it's not about the end point -- it truly is about the journey.

And tonight I'm putting another toe in the water (or perhaps the whole darn foot) when I go over to Marnie's for a little Card Making 101.

It may take a village to raise a child. I do beleive that. But it takes a lot of toes that have walked where you are going to walk to stand on your own two feet.

We are lame

But Randi is coming to save us from being sooooo very lame! I've invited her to post! Can't wait to see what she shares!