Saturday, January 03, 2009

January Challenge - Week 1

Getting Motivated for a New Year Here! Dianne is right we need to get this blog going again. So to that end we are Scrapping Wed. of course and I have a challenges for you!

Pick your favorite welly and make a card and or layout inspired by it. I figure by the end of the day we'll wish we had our favorite pair if we need to go out of the house so why not!

Remember for 4 more months we will not be scrapping the 3rd Wed. since Dianne and I are in that Marker Club/Class at Craft Fancy!

Also everyone check out Karen's CM weekend the end of this month. She said I could go on just Friday so I'm checking to make sure I'm not doing other banquet prep the night before and I'll be there!

Looking Forward -------The 2nd week of each month will be a holiday preparedness challenge. I know everyone is sick of Christmas so feel free to substitute your favorite holiday. But the goal is to have your holiday cards, tags, projects and gifts done for next year before the holiday arrives. So get those projects organized for next weeks challenge!

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Dianne said...

OMG....these boots are adorable! I can't decide which ones I like best!