Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Holiday Challenge - No Scrapping This week

So this week there will be no scrapping. My house is contaminated with the stomach flu. First we thought it was just Abs getting over that nasty cold she had..... But alas she went straight into the stomach flu and now Dave has it. ICK.

Anyway I didn't want to skip the challenge so I encourage you to make something holidayish and to give you a little inspiration I've brought you more cookies from TwoSugars. Their cookies are amazing! I think the penguin cookies from earlier in the year were from here as well. I couldn't resist the bunnies.

Or the beautiful Egg platter for Easter.

Of course if you don't want to make something Easter you certainly do not have to you can choose to be inspired by the colors or the way the cookies are on the platter. Or even just the ribbon. Hopefully it will just inspire you to create a pretty this week!

Hope everyone is well! Take care.

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