Monday, April 12, 2010

Think Spring

If we all concentrate really hard maybe it will come!  Everyone close your eyes and think Spring! 

We are scrapping this Wed.  That is if Dianne and I aren't totally exhausted from our trip to see Tim Holtz?  We're going to learn lots of new things I just know it!

Now your assignment this week is to just THINK SPRING!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Rain Rain go Away!

It's making me BLUE and since I'm blue I thought we could all be inspired by it! 

We are scrapping this week.  No real challenge I'm sure we all have tons to work on!  We of course try to do our one b-day card and holiday card each week. 

I have to thank Alice and Dianne so much for helping me by decorating all my suckers for the party last week.  I'm sure I would still be working on them today if you hadn't!

I look forward to seeing everyone Wednesday!  If your also a part of CARS our swap is this Thursday Black & White!