Monday, September 20, 2010

Halloween Is Coming! SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!

It is and will come and go faster than we think!  So at this late date I propose a chipboard mini album/tag page swap to start using up some of those Halloween items we've been stashing away!  Don't say your not stashing these adorable goodies because I know you are, and BUDDY I totally am!  HA

So here's how it will go down.  This will be a small swap we'll limit it to max 6 players.  When you sign up I will give you 6 chipboard tags(they will be small as to not overwhelm).  You will decorate both sides of the chipboard Halloweenie inspired.  Each tag should have 1 journaling area, a pocket, at least one item 3D and fibers and or ribbon.   I also challenge you to add some Bling to the project and will give everyone including BLING a little prize.  Each page should be similar in layout and design.  When the swap ends you will get back 1 of your own pages and a max of 5 other pages to create your mini book or you could use these as tags on goodies for the holiday.  Sounds fun right!  I know I'm excited! So we'll have a short sign up deadline as I'll probably start calling people telling them to sign up shortly!   HA  Deadline to sign up 9/27/10.   Tags should be to me by 10/20/10 and I will get them back to you by 10/22/10.  Which is by the way the crop at CraftFancy we are attending everyone is invited to come and play!  Just contact the store to sign up!

Ok so on that note we are scrapping this week so I hope to see you all working on your latest projects!

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Dianne said...

I am SO in on this!
What shape are the chipboard tags and how big are they?