Saturday, January 01, 2011

And so it begins....2011

Hope everyone had Wonderful and Safe Holidays!   This year I am going to do the blog a little different.  Their will be a weekly challenge, from various sources, on weeks we craft.  On the one week we do not scrap the 3rd Wed. of the month I will post a challenge to complete a Holiday related task, which may be any holiday any item for that holiday.  If you do the challenges don't forget to share with us.  We could all use a little inspiration!  Each challenge will be posted on Monday each week.  Here's to a Happy and Successful New Year!

To that end we are Crafting this Wed.  hope to see you.  Just remember to let me know!  Also for future planning if anyone would like to sign up for the crop at CraftFancy on January 14th please do we will be there that night!   

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