Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time For Holiday Cardmaking

We are Scrapping this Wednesday and it's the perfect timeto get busy on those Holiday cards.  This Challenge will run for 2 weeks since the following Wed. we will not be scrapping so 2 weeks to cover 2 holidays isn't to bad.  I hope!
First off we have Easter it's on the horizons and time to get going on those Easter Cards to send out to Friends and Family.
Then Directly following we have Mother's Day.  So while your on a roll with you cardmaking why not create a few Mother's day cards to send to Mom's, Grandma's, Sisters, Family & Friends. 


Dianne said...

A great idea for a challenge....I really need to get going on my Easter cards. Any that I've already made have wound up in my shop.

Marnie said...

Time for more Easter and we can't forget Mother's day! Thus the 2 weeks. Although I finished 6 Easter cards today woooo hoooo!