Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Productive Day Part III

Here's the rest of what I did today!!

Productive Day Part II

I'm doing this in parts as all these pictures won't fit in one post. All of these layouts were done today. I really feel a sense of accomplishment!!

Productive Day Part I

I spent most of the day in the basement scrap booking. It's the coolest place to be since it was over 100 with the heat index today. These are the cards I've made over the past month. The first one was a birthday card for my great niece Ariana. The 2nd one was a birthday card for my father-in-law. The 3rd one was a card for my granddaughter McKenzie wishing her a great summer filled with lots of ice cream. And, the last one was another card for McKenzie saying that I hoped they were all settled in their new home.