Friday, November 01, 2013

November Stash Scrapping - Should we continue????

STASH Scrapping!  November

I have added the points page at the top of the blog.  Be sure to update your scores for October.  I will add November this week.

OK so this is the deal we need to scrap more, we want to scrap more, and to use up some of our stuff to make room for new we HAVE to scrap more.  Cards just ain't cutting it.  So I propose we each make a Scrapping Kit similar to a Kit Club for each Month.  (ie. Start now for July's first crop.)   Using nothing but our STASH.  Meaning no purchasing new product for this challenge.   We will share our Stash Kits the first Wednesday.  Then we will share our progress with the group, here, on your own blog or even in person at the crops.  I will create a Tally Board.  For Layouts you will get 5 points per page, 3 points for a Project Life Page,  for cards you will get 1 point for Mini Ablums/Altered items you will get 10 pts.  And if you finish up your stash for the month you will get a bonus 25 pts.  We will do this for 5 months and in November I will issue prizes for the participants.  To participate just leave a comment on this post and share your first monthly kit with us either in person or online.

Your kit should contain the following:

Patterned Papers - 10-12 (12x12 sheets)
Specialty Paper - 1-2 sheets (ie. vellum, die cut, mirror, metal etc.)
Cardstock - 6-8 (12x12 sheets)
Alphabet Stickers, Sheets or Chipboard - 1 full set or 2 partial sets
Other Stickers - 1 full or  2 partial sheets
Paper Embellishments - 6
Dimensional Embellishments - 10 - 15
Ribbons or Fibers -  3 yards
Sketches - 3
Photos - 10-15

Any tools, stamps, paint, ink, glitter etc.etc.etc. you choose to use on or in your kit do not have to be used completely to earn the 25 points they are just there to help you.  Obviously you will get more points for more difficult projects.  You can always add more cardstock and consumables but the above list must be used in order to earn the 25 pts.   If you ou are not a scrapper and do not have photos you can trade that entire item for 10-15 stamped images you have to either have 10-15 stamped images or 10-15 photos not a combination of both.  Also I'm not counting smaller scraps we can discuss that on Wednesday.

Some Links if your just starting with us to get you inspired.

Ok, That should get you started feel free to share more links and more ideas here on the blog either in comments or at the bottom of this post.